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    New SupplierNet Portal launching


Please note that a new Supplier Net Portal will be launched and will require all Supplier Net Users to be registered on the B2B Portal to access Supplier Net. Registration on the B2B Portal should be done by an appointed supplier administrator.

Please find documentation on how to apply for B2B admin access, adding a user, extending user validity and access activation for the new Supplier Net Portal:

  • How to apply for B2B admin access (link here)
  • Adding a user on B2B (link here)
  • User validity extension, If user on B2B has expired (link here)
  • Supplier Net access activation, fill in the User Access Request form and forward to your BMW contact (link here)

Please continue using the current SupplierNet until a link to the new SupplierNet is available.

For enquiries contact/send email to the BMW Helpdesk - if you have any questions.

Click the button below to login to SupplierNet

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